May 17, 2023

Roval Rapide Cockpit: An aero one

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Strade Bianche and the Roval Rapide Cockpit.Photo: Eloise Mavian /

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Specialized just launched an aero-optimized cockpit that looks to replace the current two-piece offering found on bikes like the Tarmac SL7 and now discontinued Venge.

Specialized already had the Roval Alpinist SL Cockpit in its line, but this new offering maintains the aero shaping that the Rapide Bar is known for.

I got a 120mm x 420mm cockpit in for testing. It features a matte, almost raw finish that hits our scale at 338 grams. The cockpit also comes with an aluminum out-front computer mount and a large selection of computer adapter inserts. The bars seem to be internal only routing from the hoods to a bottom opening that is at the junction of where a stem would normally clamp the bars.

This means that brake hoses will be exposed as they run the length of the stem along the bottom. There is no clamp or retention, so a tight fit will likely need to be achieved to maintain a clean aesthetic.

The cockpit has appeared throughout the season on pro bikes. I have not gotten any road testing done yet, but in hand, they seem to be incredibly stiff. Look for future Tarmac builds to feature this bar and whatever road race bike replaces the Tarmac SL7. On the current SL7 builds is an alloy stem, so this should drop some weight but also eliminates adjustability.

From Specialized

The all-new Rapide Cockpit is a lot more than just the fastest way to the finish line.

It's the fastest leading edge we’ve ever made, putting aero gains in the clean air, where they matter most and shaving four watts off the already ultra-quick two-piece Rapide Bar and Tarmac SL7 Stem. But to deliver a leading edge that provides awinning edge takes more than pure aero.

The goal for the Roval engineering team was simple—the Rapide Cockpit had to be the fastest bar we’ve ever made, with no compromises.

It's aero, light, stiff, and designed hand-in-hand with the best riders in the world and our Retül fit experts so you can get a grip on victory.

Removing the cluster of hardware (where stem and handlebar connect) created one of the most importantleading edges of the bicycle and can be designed as a single airfoil. We optimized this airfoil to provide amaximum advantage in clean air at speeds seen from long solo breakaways to full gas World Tour sprints. While afour-watt improvement may seem small, it adds up to 32cm* advantage over a 250m final sprint. When races arewon by bike throws, this is a winning difference.

By removing the stem's hardware cluster, the Rapide Cockpit is 50 grams lighter (100mm x 420mm) than a two-piece Rapide bar and Tarmac SL7 combo. Made from premium high-modulus carbon fiber, that delivers idealstiffness for the biggest, fastest sprinters on the World Tour. The Rapide Cockpit has a higher stiffness-to-weightratio than any two-piece system we’ve ever made.

The downside of one-piece cockpits has long been fit, but we partnered with our Retül fit professionals and thebest riders in the world to ensure almost every rider can find their fit. We offer 15 different stem and bar combos,all at -6 degrees, so we’ve got your race day position covered. The radius from tops to drops has been sculpted forwrist clearance, whether out of the saddle in a final sprint or tucked in an aero position, while bend and flarereflect our favorite Rapide bar.

Our World Tour Athletes are already falling in love with the Rapide Cockpit. Demi Vollering and Lotte Kopeckyhave delivered unprecedented domination this spring on the bars, while Fabio Jacobsen piloted the cockpit tofirst on Stage 2 of Tirreno Adriatico with a bike throw. Winning by just centimeters, Fabio's Rapide Cockpitensured his huge sprint (maxing out at over 71kph!) delivered an extra 32cm* gap over the 250m sprintcompared to a two-piece aero bar and stem—the winning edge.

*As calculated by our Ride Science team in simulation using real-world power data, course data, and CdA numbersfrom WinTunnel testing.

Weight: 310 grams  (100mm x 420mm)Angle: -6Drop and Reach: 125mm x 75mmMaterial: Premium High Modulus Carbon FiberCable Routing: Internal / Electronic Compatible15 size combos (full list below): 75mm x 380mm to 125mm x 440cm.

EU € 580US $ 600UK £ 475AUD $850 AUD

75mm x 380mm90mm x 380mm100mm x 400mm110mm x 400mm120mm x 400mm100mm x 420mm110mm x 420mm120mm x 420mm110mm x 440mm125mm x 440mm

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