May 19, 2023

Aspen: Reduced Weight Air Handlers

Company: Aspen Manufacturing

Product: Aspen LEW series and AspenPRO REW series

Description: The new generation Aspen and AspenPRO units are designed for both new installations and retrofits and provide optimum energy efficiency levels with all major brands of heat pumps and air conditioners. The reduced weight of the units allows for a one-person installation, saving installation labor costs. Aspen's LEW series and AspenPRO's REW series are wall-mounted units designed with two cabinet footprints for standard and high-efficiency HVAC installation. A next-generation all-aluminum coil (tube and enhanced fins) results in lighter weight without sacrificing energy efficiency performance. The LEW and REW air handlers are designed to replace existing wall mount units and are ideal for new construction installations. For ceiling-mounted installations, the AspenPRO RES (uncased) and RET (cased) units offer an aluminum equivalent to supplement the copper tube AspenPRO models PES/PET. Compared to copper tube models, the soffit-mounted designs offer reduced unit weight due to the all-aluminum evaporator tubes. All units are AHRI-certifiable with all major HVAC brands and are covered by Aspen's 10-Year Limited Warranty with registration.

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