Dec 06, 2023


PUSH Industries launches the ELEVENSIX S-Series Coil Shocks with improved damping characteristics, external adjustment range and bottom-out control for all stroke lengths. The $1,600 USD shock, cnc-machined at PUSH HQ in Colorado, is one of the highest-end suspension components you can purchase for a mountain bike. As such, it is sold with their 60 Day Performance Guarantee, during which time you can have the shock re-tuned free of charge until you find the perfect damping for your bike and riding style.

The ELEVENSIX S-Series (V3) replaces the outgoing R-Series (V2), though current owners of the latter can make use of the $350 USD Performance Pack Upgrade switching out the R-Series internals for S-Series internals. Here's what's new.

The PUSH ELEVENSIX S-Series shocks run the same ultralight HyperCoil springs, now accompanied by an entirely new damping architecture said to improve low-speed, mid-speed and high-speed damping to provide increased traction at low speeds, a more "poppy" ride feel, and to eliminate the "over-damped" feel.

That comes with an improved external adjustment range said to provide easier tuning. Adjustments are as follows:

The ELEVENSIX still features the Dual Overhead Valve design with its two compression damping circuits that are completely independent of one another, each separately tuneable by the rider via external adjusters. This allows the rider to setup one circuit to be optimized for climbing, while the other can be optimized for descending. You can then toggle between these two settings on-the-fly via the external lever. So, riders looking for a very firm climb setting can have that. Riders looking for a setting that is slightly less firm to increase traction in steep technical terrain can also have that. All the tools are right there.

Other improvements over the R-Series ELEVENSIX is the stroke-specific bottom-out bumper, eliminating the previous compromises found in mid- and short-travel shocks. The bumper works in conjunction with the speed-sensitive internal hydraulic bottoming piston which itself has been updated to provide even more end-stroke progression for more of a bottomless feel. That circuit is entirely independent from the compression and rebound damping circuits. PUSH tells us the shock is now also able to react much more quickly to high-frequency trail chatter, making it feel less harsh in those scenarios.

There is an eMTB specific PUSH ELEVENSIX for the S-Series, too. All of the above information applies, but this one sees use of a high-strength melonite QPQ-coated steel shaft for added stiffness instead of the high-strength aluminum shaft seen on the standard shock. And of course, it gets an eBike specific damping assembly.

The PUSH ELEVENSIX S-Series shocks (e- and non-e) are available in Standard Eyelet and Trunnion Mount options, retailing at $1,600 USD. PUSH HyperCoil springs are available in rates from 325lbs/in through 625lbs/in, with 25lb/in increments between springs.