May 10, 2023

Peel & Seal® Energy Efficient Waterproofing Membrane

Peel & Seal®, manufactured by MFM Building Products, is a 45-mil self-adhering, dependable waterproofing membrane engineered for a multitude of waterproofing applications, while offering many energy efficiencies. Peel & Seal® is a single-ply membrane that adheres direct to the roof deck. No coatings, tar, glues, or fasteners are required for installation to save time, material, and labor costs. The finished product is virtually maintenance-free and can be left exposed to the elements indefinitely.

Peel & Seal® is composed of a laminate of reflective aluminum foil, cross-linked polymer films and a layer of SBS rubberized asphalt adhesive. This multi-layered membrane is puncture and abrasion resistant, and self-seals to provide a watertight bond. The aluminum foil top surface is UV-resistant and offers a UL Class A fire rating.

Since the product is designed to be left exposed to the elements, it is ideal for use as a low-slope roof covering. The aluminum surface of Peel & Seal® limits solar gain to keep internal temperatures cooler to lower utility costs. On average, Peel & Seal® is 45° cooler than standard roofing surfaces and roof coatings. Typical applications for whole roof covered include metal roofs, "open" porches, mobile home roofs, industrial and agricultural buildings, sheds, sunrooms, and outdoor patios.

In addition to a low-slope roofing membrane, Peel & Seal®, in slit sizes, is an excellent flashing membrane. Flashing applications include metal roofs seams, gutter repair, flashing around exterior penetrations, and any hard to waterproof area. When used as a flashing material, Peel & Seal® eliminates the infiltration of water, moisture, air, and noise to prevent damage to the building structure.

The surface to receive Peel & Seal® must be clean, smooth, and dry. The membrane can be installed where the surface and ambient air temperature is 55°F. For cooler temperatures, use MFM Low-VOC Spray Adhesive®. Minimum slope of ½" per foot is required. It is not intended for areas with ponding water or extensive foot traffic. The only tools needed are a sharp utility knife and roller. As with any self-adhered product, rolling the entire membrane and paying attention to any overlaps is critical to a successful installation. Complete Installation Instructions are available on the company's website.

Peel & Seal® is also available with our patented PowerBond® adhesive system, which aggressively adheres in temperatures as low as 25°F. This specialized formula allows for cold weather installation and remains stable at elevated temperatures. Peel & Seal PowerBond® is available in 4", 6" x 33.5’ roll sizes in White color only.

Peel & Seal® is manufactured exclusively in Coshocton, Ohio. The product is available in four color options: Aluminum, White, Almond and Granite Gray to help match the existing façade of the structure. Standard roll sizes are 3", 4", 6", 9", 12", 18", 36" x 33.5’. Peel & Seal® comes with a 10-year limited warranty and Peel & Seal PowerBond® White has a 15-year limited warranty.

Peel & Seal® meets ASTM D 1970, ICC-ES ESR 1654, Los Angeles County (LARC/LABC), Florida Building Code, Miami-Dade County, Texas Department of Insurance, and UL® Classified Prepared Roofing Assembly.

For complete technical data, installation instructions, or to request a FREE sample of the product, please visit or call Customer Service at 800-882-7663.

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