Jan 18, 2024

Fire Up the Grill and Dial Up Flavor With These Summer Favorites

Are you ready for some great food and drinks this season?

Turn up the heat this summer and spice your way to delicious warm-weather recipes by using subtle ingredients that bring out bold flavors in your favorite foods. Adding a taste-enhancing option to your repertoire – Tajín Fruity Chamoy Sauce – can make your summer get-togethers the talk of the neighborhood.

Cool off while enjoying mildly spicy dishes. Made with 100% natural chiles, lime juice, sea salt, and a hint of apricot, Tajín Fruity Chamoy Sauce offers a unique sweet-and-spicy flavor without too much heat. Perfect for drizzling over fresh fruits and veggies like mango, pineapple, watermelon, and more, it's also commonly used to bring fruity, subtle spice to a wide variety of recipes including beverages and snacks, like smoothies, mangonadas, ice pops, and cold drinks.

For example, in this Savory Mango Chamoy Daiquiri, the apricots create a fruity, tangy flavor that's a nice, refreshing twist on a traditional drink.

Bringing a touch of heat to summer cookouts can be a breeze with mild hot sauces added to dishes like these Spiced Pork Ribs, which can be created start-to-finish in the oven or taken outside to sear on the grill. Just a handful of ingredients are required to season the ribs to spicy perfection before wrapping them in foil and letting your oven do the work.

The key ingredient for the right touch of subtle heat without being overwhelming is Tajín Mild Hot Sauce, a unique, flavorful addition to your cabinet that pairs well with savory snacks like tortilla chips, chicken wings, pizza, and even micheladas. The lime is what makes it different from other hot sauces.

Made with 100% natural mild chiles, lime juice, and sea salt without added sugars or coloring, it can be enjoyed by the whole family as a versatile way to enhance favorite foods with a mild but wild flavor.

Both recipes can be easily enhanced with a simple concept: just pair Tajín Clásico seasoning with either or both of the sauces to create unique flavor combinations, a tasty "mix it" tactic to add to your warm-weather menu and make it uniquely yours.

Find more recipes that crank up the heat this summer by visiting Tají

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