Sep 24, 2023

4 perks of closed

As the global automotive industry strives to reach sustainability targets, most notably regarding carbon emissions, it continues to gravitate toward the world's infinitely recyclable material – aluminum. In fact, aluminum can be recycled and reused endlessly without losing its material properties. This phenomenon is the foundation of a circular economy for the automotive industry fueled by closed-loop and end-of-life recycling.

To help the automotive industry reduce carbon emissions and ultimately achieve carbon neutrality, as well as reduce waste and preserve natural resources, Novelis works in partnership with automakers to create and implement customized circular economy programs. These programs include closed-loop recycling solutions that address the unique infrastructure and business dynamics of each automaker.

Novelis is working with OEMs around the world. In North America, we worked with a customer to develop a closed-loop system in the automotive industry. Through this partnership, we recycle enough aluminum scrap generated from the automotive stamping process to produce 37,000 new vehicle bodies each month. In addition, Novelis worked with partners in Europe to establish a regional closed-loop recycling system, which is a dedicated round-trip railway service that delivers materials across Europe.

With a common goal of a more sustainable future, the automotive and aluminum recycling industries can work together to develop solutions to make the circular economy a reality today.

Jamie Zinser is vice president of global automotive at Novelis, where she is responsible for global automotive commercial strategy.

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