Sep 15, 2023

The Monochrome Collection Brings a New Appeal To Aluminum

Aluminum in its rawest form has a very industrial aesthetic, which is the beauty of the Monochrome line by Chinese designer Ximi Li for his own design-led brand URBANCRAFT. Moved to challenge conventional processes and explore the uncertainty of materials, he showcases the malleability and flexibility of aluminum in the Basics collection for Monochrome, which consists of a bar table, dining table, chairs, and other pieces. The series is extremely straightforward due to the avant-garde application of technique so that you can see exactly where the bends and welding marks are created.

The streamlined designs have a raw yet elegant quality to them due to the sinuous lines that train the eye to follow the silhouettes. The natural form of welding scars are a unique characteristic of the collection, highlighting how and where the aluminum parts come together. Although the series appears primitive, there is precise consistency and intention throughout the design expression. The simplicity of the materiality allows the collection to adapt well to both indoor and outdoor settings.

Ximi Li

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Monochrome Ximi Li URBANCRAFT Basics For more information on Monochrome, visit