Jun 07, 2023

Support Your Lower Back With the Best Lumbar Support Pillows

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Back pain is an unpleasant—and all too common—problem. Unfortunately, many of our jobs require us to sit for long hours, which can lead to back problems over time. If you already have back discomfort, it can feel like torture to sit for hours in a position that exacerbates your existing issues. Luckily, lumbar support pillows provide a simple and efficient solution to the back pain that comes from sitting.

With the right lumbar support pillow, you can make your office chair, couch, car, bed, and even airplane seat significantly more comfortable. We’ve rounded up some of the best lumbar support pillows on the market, helping you alleviate that persistent back pain once and for all.

The most important factor to consider when purchasing a lumbar support pillow is where you’ll use it. Some lumbar pillows work in both your car and your office chair, for instance, but if you’re looking for a pillow for using in bed, get one that's specially designed for sleeping or laying on.

"It might make sense for us to support and align our spines at work, at home while relaxing or sleeping on the side or the back, for the hours of gaming that we do, driving in a car, traveling on a plane, rehabilitating from surgery, and especially with the postural imbalances of pregnancy," explains Ken Hansraj, MD, a spinal and orthopedic surgeon and the author of Watch Your Back.

It's a good idea to select a lumbar support pillow with a removable, washable cover if you plan on using it a lot. Most lumbar support pillows are made from memory foam which "conforms to the body shape and creates a good chair-pillow-back interface for lumbar alignment, lumbar support, and force dissipation," says Hansraj.

In addition to memory foam lumbar support pillows, Hansraj notes that there are some made out of polyester fiber and gel-infused composite memory foam, which aids in cooling.

If your lower or mid back often hurt after sitting for a while, it's possible that you could benefit from a lumbar support pillow. When you place the lumbar pillow along the natural curve of your lower back, it keeps your back from compensating for the space between your back and the chair, so your muscles can relax more. If your pillow tapers at one end, the larger end should probably be closer to your hips, with the smaller end closer to your waist.

Choosing the right lumbar support pillow can be a game-changer when it comes to relieving your back pain, so we made sure to narrow down the best options on the market using specific criteria like ergonomics, materials, washability, and versatility. We also spoke with an orthapaedic surgeon about lumbar support pillows and why they are important. We’ve divided our picks into a variety of categories for different use cases and budgets so you can find the lumbar support pillow that works best to alleviate those aches and pains.

This lumbar support pillow from Everlasting Comfort earns our vote for best overall, in part because it's versatile enough for both your office and your car chair. The portability, ease of installation, and comfort level make it perfect for just about any situation, including long plane rides, drives, or work days.

It has a machine-washable, breathable mesh cover to prevent sweat from pooling, and the two straps wrap around your chair so you can easily adjust it right where it should be. At under $35, the price is relatively budget-friendly, as well. All in all, it's hard to go wrong with this pick.

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Lumbar Support Pillow for Office Desk Chair


If you’re looking for a lumbar support pillow on a budget, try the Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll by OPTP. This roll pillow is easy to carry everywhere due to its small size and convenient cylindrical shape, and it comes with an adjustable strap to hold it in place.

If you like your lumbar pillows extra firm, you can choose between the standard roll and the firm-density roll. The removable, breathable cover is made of moisture-wicking polyester, meaning you can easily wash it at home.

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Original McKenzie Lumbar Support Roll Pillow


Whether you’re a regular road-tripper or you have a brutal daily commute, your back is likely feeling the effects of your less-than-supportive car seat. Some driver seats have adjustable lumbar support included, but if your doesn't, this car lumbar pillow might be even better.

The cushion supports your entire back and tightly straps to your seat, so it won't slip and slide around while you’re driving. The cover is also easily washable.

Note that the top straps only work for seats with space between the headrest and the back of the seat. This means drivers of certain cars, like Teslas, won't be able to use this model.

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Lumbar Support Pillow


Your office chair is likely one of the places you need lumbar support most, especially if you work at a desk for hours at a time. With this lumbar support pillow, you can make sure your back is well-supported and reduce your risk of back pain.

This support pillow has everything you’d want out of an office chair pillow—it's breathable, made with memory foam, the straps are adjustable, and you can easily wash the cover. Really, the only downside is the size, as it can be pretty bulky if you need to bring it from place to place.

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Memory Foam Back Pain Lumbar Support Cushion


A good night's sleep is essential for both your mental and physical health. If you have back pain, you may find yourself tossing and turning at night, leaving you less than rested the following day. With the Gentle Living adjustable lumbar pillow, you can alleviate that pain, even at night.

The rounded top is designed to follow the shape of your back, giving you instant relief by alleviating the pressure you’d normally feel when lying down without support behind your spine. The pillow also comes with removable extra layers, meaning you can adjust it to the height you need to best support your preferred sleep position.

The machine-washable cover means it's a breeze to clean and the travel bag makes it easy to bring on the go.

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Adjustable Lumbar Support Pillow with Memory Foam


If you prefer a lightweight pillow, this square lumbar cushion will do the trick—it's easy to take with you when traveling or on the go. Although it is lightweight, this pillow does not miss out on size as it is oversized and offers full seat coverage (as opposed to other lumbar supports, which rest behind your back).

If you get it dirty while on your travels, you can simply take off the cover and wash it so it is good to go for your next trip. It is only available in blue, so if that's your favorite color, we’d say you’re in luck.

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Foam Square Lumbar Support Cushion


If you’re eager to make your office chair significantly more comfortable, you’re going to love this combo of back support and seat support. This package gives you everything good about the Everlasting Comfort support pillow we recommend above, and adds a super comfortable seat cushion.

With these two items, you can turn practically any seat into a supportive, pain-relieving oasis. Of course, the extra cushioning brings the price up, but it's definitely worth it if you’re looking to make your chair as comfortable as possible.

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Seat Cushion and Lumbar Support Combo


If you’re a fan of support you can take with you, we recommend this inflatable lumbar belt from Cabeau. It's easy to inflate with just one breath and you can do so essentially anywhere. Depending on the level of firmness you prefer, you can simply adjust it thanks to its built-in air pump and depressing valve button.

If you’re someone who sits in a desk chair all day, the belt can mount to its back so you won't have to worry about adjusting it in between meetings, or strap it around your hips for support no matter how much you fidget. Don't fret if you tend to sweat as the belt is equipped with a water-resistant exterior that's easy to clean.

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Incredi-Belt Inflatable Lumbar Support Pillow


If you want to spruce up your chairs, this Lovehome lumbar support pillow is a solid choice and made out of high-density memory foam. With more than five colorways to choose from (including pink and blue), you can support your back and do so in style.

The pillow is equipped with a ventilated mesh cover that will keep you (and your back) cool while sitting. And you won't have to worry about your sweat as it is made with anti-sweat fabric. According to Hansraj, this LoveHome lumbar support pillow is made out of high quality memory foam, making it one of the best.

If you’re someone who sits for long hours regularly, this lumbar support pillow has your back (literally).

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Lumbar Support Pillow for Chair and Car


When it comes to contoured lumbar pillows, this one from Roscoe Medical is a game-changer. We recommend this pillow especially for those who spend a lot of time sitting, especially in office chairs. This pillow can even be used when sleeping thanks to its precisely cut and contoured back position.

If you’re looking for a cushion for a wheelchair, this pillow is also a suitable option for that, too. Since it has a sewn on elastic strip, the pillow is easy to attach to most chairs.

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PC7121 Contoured Lumbar Cushion


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