Jun 05, 2023

12 Bob's Burgers Items Every Ultimate Fan Needs

Bob's Burgers, in my opinion, is one of the best animated shows on network television right now. The show is witty and heartfelt and can be enjoyed by teens and adults alike. The show has been a comfort show for me for years now, and every time I find myself in need of something to put on, my brain instantly thinks of Bob's Burgers.

I won't toot my own horn and say that I’m the show's "Ulitmate Fan" but I will say that I am one of many ultimate Bob's Burgers fans in the world. And because of that, I’ve had a burning need to find stuff from the hit show that I can treasure.

With my birthday on the horizon, anyone who knows me can use this list as a comprehensive guide of what I’d like! So here are my favorite Bob's Burgers items that every ultimate fan, like me, needs.

One of my favorite things on the show is all the jokey/pun names that Bob comes up with for the Burger of the Day. It's arguably one of my favorite things to look for every episode, outside of what the exterminator truck and the storefront next to Bob's is called. This book is a recipe book full of joke burgers that you can make that are inspired by the show. These 75 recipes are created straight from the show's archive of Burger of the Day names, but you can actually eat them and enjoy them.

Speaking of eating, I would absolutely carry my lunch bag all over town if it was this one. Featuring the five Belchers heads, this Bob's Burgers lunch bag is an "insulated lunch bag lined with waterproof premium soft aluminum foil." It is also waterproof which can be a such a massive perk for those of us who are clusmy.

The One-Eyed Snakes may seem like your average motorcycle group, but all of the true fans out there know that this is just a group of loyal bikers who not only have had a baby in the Belcher establishment but even come to Louise's aid when she has her signature rabbit ear hat taken away from her. So yes, I need the One-Eyed Snakes t-shirt and you know you do too.

I love a fun coffee mug. And one that features the Belcher family? That's an instant cart add! This coffee mug from Etsy is 11 ounces and is both microwave and dishwasher-safe.

While Tina is the unofficial "grill cook" of the restaurant, we all know Bob and Linda are the main two behind the counter, and Bob more specifically the mastermind behind the burgers. This grill cook apron is a great fan item. Plus, I’m imagining that this would be a great birthday or Father's Day gift idea for the Bob Burger loving dad out there.

Listen, I’m incredibly competitive, and having a Bob's Burger-specific Trivial Pursuit game sounds like my ultimate night in! This game covers the first 9 seasons of the show and features over 600 different questions for you to flex your Bob's Burger knowledge.

Bob Belcher is one of the best TV dad's of all time. And since Father's Day is right around the corner, this is another great Father's Day gift idea for those dads who just really love this show. Plus, Bob here looks hilarious!

Louise's favorite night light (and friend) is definitely a fan favorite. One of my favorite episodes is "Crawl Space" from Season 1, where Bob get's stuck in the crawl space with Louise's Kuchi Kopi night light and he starts to hallucinate scenes similar to The Shining. Overall, these earrings are adorable and I would absolutely love them.

While we see a lot of colorful characters on this show, each episode may not include all of your favorites. This mouse pad however… yeah it's got you covered.

This bag had me laugh out loud really hard! Tina Belcher is definitely the character I relate to the most, and I truly love her and her dry delivery of every line. Dan Mintz is a genius when it comes to these lines and he truly gives Tina the best voice.

While I don't own a pair of Crocs anymore, I would absolutely consider buying a new pair for these shoe charms! Featuring 7 different charms, this set has one charm for each of the Belchers including an extra Louise charm and a Kuchi Kopi one.

Tina's dancing always makes me laugh, and the minute I saw this car decal I knew I had to add to this list, and my cart! The magnet is a perfect way to show off your love for this amazing show. Plus, you’ll probably get many compliments on it.

Bob's Burgers is such a terrific show, and I am dreading the day they decide to do the final season. We hope you enjoyed this list of Bob's Burgers items, and if you’re interested I’d love one of these for my birthday!